When you do business with a company, it’s important that you get to know the people behind the company. After all, you’re entrusting them with the sale of your property.


Our Reason Why

After working in South East Asia and China for many years, we saw how hard it was for our Asian friends and colleagues to get accurate information about their Australian investment properties, and indeed to manage the selling process from far away.

So on returning to Australia, we decided to help – and be the boots on the ground.



Our vision is to be

  • where international vendors can acquire the most comprehensive and accurate property appraisals in Australia.
  • the Australian team on-the-ground that owners of Australian properties trust implicitly to represent them throughout the sales process.


  • Our international vendors’ needs come first, always.
  • We provide accurate information and we communicate it frequently.
  • We only work with agents who have integrity and a strong track record in sales success.

Resale Australia Principals

russell cotton

Russell Cotton

I love the property sector and have over 20 years’ experience in Australia and international markets working with Australia’s premier developers in property sales.

Throughout this time, I came to realise that it is relatively easy for International investors to purchase Australian properties however when they looked to sell their properties it was challenging and most investors didn’t know who to turn to.

When I returned to Australia after four years in Malaysia heading up RPM Real Estate International and Salta Properties I set up Resale Australia to cater for the needs of International Vendors looking to sell their Australian properties.

Our mission is to help our vendors achieve maximum sales prices for their properties.


Dr David Urpani

Qualified as an architect and civil engineer with a PhD in data mining I am well placed to help our customers profit from a better understanding of property and data. I co-founded Moneytribe, an online mortgage lead generator, with the objective of providing a level playing field between sellers and buyers through the use of social information. I also co-founded and built iSelect into Australia’s premier online insurance comparator business. At Resale Australia I am passionate about helping our clients realise, with minimum fuss the best value for their assets through a judicious mix of relationships, skills, technology and data science.