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When it comes to buying and selling, we know it’s the deal we’re supposed to fall in love with, not the property. But buyers aren’t always completely objective, and if you can tap into their emotions, you’re much more likely to get a better result (even if you’re selling to an investor).

Sure, they’ll be looking for all the functional criteria – distance to shops, schools and transport; the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, privacy and noise, finishes and fittings… But even with all these boxes ticked, you won’t really hook the buyer unless they feel an emotional connection with the property. The consequences can be a long and drawn out negotiation that may still end up with the sale falling through, and you’ll be back at square one.

If a potential buyer falls in love with your property as soon as they walk in, they’re more likely to make a competitive offer, their “checklist” becomes a lot more flexible, and you’re more likely to secure a quick sale.

As your on-the-ground team, Resale Australia will find and manage an experienced agent who will assess your property, and report back on what – if anything – needs to be done to put it in its best light. And once you’ve got these fundamentals right, we work closely with the agent to generate genuine interest in your property, and field competitive offers from prospective buyers.

It begins with creating the right first impression

Never underestimate the appeal of a tidy garden and well-presented exterior.

Street appeal should be top of the list, as people may drive by the property first, before they even make contact with your agent. So make it count!

Some of the jobs your agent may suggest, and will be able to arrange for you, include:

  • gardening – like mowing lawns, weeding and mulching garden beds, trimming hedges and trees, and removing leaf litter and other clutter
  • cleaning – like windows and external light fittings, water blasting paths and driveways, and even a full exterior wash
  • repair work – like touching up any tired paintwork or brickwork, and checking the gutters and drains are clear and in good condition

Resale Australia has a solid understanding of how much these types of job should cost, and what the finished standard should be. Working with your agent, we’ll be able to identify which jobs will make the biggest impact for the lowest cost, and help you make the most effective decisions. Something as simple as a garden tidy-up and window-wash can make a substantial difference to your final sale price.

Creating a “welcome home” ambience makes a big difference

When a potential buyer walks into your property at inspection time, they’re not thinking about you.

They’re picturing themselves “coming home” here – relaxing, sharing time with friends and family. So while you want to create a sense of warmth and welcome, you also need to provide a “blank canvas” for them to paint themselves into.

As with the gardens and approach to the property, simplicity is key.

Jobs your agent may suggest to pep up the inside include:

  • Clear any clutter on shelves, tables and in cupboards. If you do want to leave items in the cupboards, keep them to a minimum and arrange them neatly. Emphasising space, in storage areas as well as in living areas, boosts your property’s attractiveness.
  • Check fittings and fixtures are in good condition and not too dated – like light fittings, switches, doorknobs and handles. Replacing these elements can be a simple and inexpensive way of creating an up-to-date, contemporary look.
  • Touch ups and repairs – check doors, walls, architraves and skirtings for signs of wear and tear, remove any signs of mould, and touch up with a fresh coat of paint, or repair where necessary.
  • Clear away any personalised touches like outdated artworks, photos and knick-knacks. Replace them with simple accent pieces instead like a relaxing landscape image or tonal abstract; a vase of flowers or scented candle; an eye-catching coffee table book.

We’ll work with your agent to prioritise and costs these jobs and any others that need doing, to make sure prospective buyers feel “at home” at every turn.

Setting the scene in vacant premises

If your property is vacant and unfurnished, you may want to consider whether “staging” will help paint a clearer picture for your prospective buyers of what life could look like when they call this place “home”. Staging is an extra level of detail, involving hiring on-trend furnishings, that helps create a sense of warmth and flow that buyers can connect with, and can also hide some the property’s more superficial flaws.

International experience; local expertise

It’s our combination of experience both in Australia and overseas that makes us the trusted real estate partner of so many vendors at home and abroad. Whether you’re located interstate, or internationally, we’re your team on the ground, keeping you up to date on the market, and looking out for your interests.

If you’re ready to sell your Aussie property, get in touch with the team at Resale Australia. Our proven eight-step process will help you navigate from “thinking of selling” right through to final sale stages, smoothly and confidently.

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